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In healthcare environments, interactive touchscreens can be used for a variety of purposes: touchscreen directories, wayfinding systems, interactive media walls, patient education and check-ins. The increased use can be attributed to several factors, such as reducing patients’ anxiety, increasing communication between patients and physicians and decreasing costs associated with static signage.
GoodTouch offers specially designed Capacitve touch monitor and Industry touch computer for healthcare applications. We routinely cooperate with medical OEMs/ODMs, system integrators and terminal producers to help integrate our products into their total solutions.
Healthcare Automations
Modern medical clinics are increasingly relying on digital medical images and touch-enabled display has made it possible for doctors and nurses to examine the images more efficiently and conveniently.
The Capacitive Touch monitor and Industry touch computer are excellent options for doctors’ and nurses’ offices. With a simple touch interface, doctors can focus on the patients without distraction.

Special design model(GT170-A01H-R) is design for Inpatient Room, which is very convenient for Inpatient who can have many activities, for example Internet, Video and telephone.
Bedside-service and Patient-service Automations
Touch is a quick and easy interface for patients. Our touchscreens, desktop and open-frame touchmonitors are best choices of self-service terminals for patients. With the touch-enabled terminals, patients can perform simple self-service tasks easily by themselves.
Point-of-Care Devices
Healthcare professionals have a growing need for immediate, portable and secure access to on-line clinical information at the patient’s bedside. With easy touch interface, the devices are able to offer immediate and accurate response.

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