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Introduction of touch screen:

Touch screen, from market definition, is a kind of everyone will use computer input device, or everyone will use to communicate with the computer equipment. Without learning, everyone will use, is one of the largest magic touch screen, this keyboard or mouse, cannot be compared with.
Explain from technology principle, touch screen is a transparent absolute addressing system, first of all, it must ensure that are transparent, so it must be through the material science and technology to solve the problem of transparent, like a digitizer,wordpad, elevator switches, they are not touch screen; Secondly it is absolute coordinates, finger touch which is which, don't need the second action, unlike the mouse, is a set of relative positioning system, we can notice that the touch screen software don't need a cursor, a cursor instead affects the user's attention, because the cursor is used to relative positioning device, relative positioning device to move to a place to first know where now, in which direction to go, all the time also need to constantly give users feedback current position as to appear deviation. These to take absolute coordinates positioning of the touch screen doesn't need; Another possibility is that it can detect the touch of your fingers the action and judgment finger position, all kinds of touch screen technology is around "detect finger touch" .

The characteristics of the touch screen
1.Transparency of touch screen, it directly affects the visual effect of touch screen. Transparent, in the touch screen industry, is a broad concept, a lot of touch screen is multilayer composite membrane, summed up in a little transparent only its visual effect is not enough, it should at least include four features: transparency, reflection and clarity, color distortion, could be more points, such as the reflection of reflective levels include specular reflection and diffraction, we just touch screen surface diffraction glance haven't reached the extent of the CD disks, for the user, the four characteristics has been basically enough
2.The absolute coordinate system of touch screen, touch screen is an absolute coordinate system, which directly point to choose which, with the mouse such relative positioning system is the essential difference between a in place of feeling. Touch screen absolute coordinate system is the feature of every location coordinates has nothing to do with the last position coordinates, touch screen in physics is a set of independent coordinate positioning system, every touch data through calibration into screen coordinates, in this way, requires a touch screen no matter under what circumstances the coordinates, the output of the same point data is stable, if not stable, so the touch screen can't guarantee the absolute coordinates positioning, point, this is the most afraid of touch screen problem: drift. Who cannot guarantee the same point on the technical principle of touch every sampling data of the same touch screen will drift this problem. But for performance and good quality touch screen, the drift occurs is not very serious.
3.Touch of detecting a touch screen and positioning: all kinds of touch screen technology relied on their respective sensors to work, and even some touch screen itself is a set of sensors. Principle and their respective location of sensor determines the touchscreen reaction speed, reliability, stability and longevity. Touchscreen mode of sensor also determines how to identify the touch screen multi-touch problem, also is more than a little touch at the same time? When someone touch beside someone touch? This is often appear in the process of using touch screen problem, this solution is continuously perfect.
4.Touch screen operation is simple: only fingers touch the touch screen on a computer screen qing authorities button, can enter the world of information, the information can include text, animation, music, video, game, etc.
5.Touch screen friendly interface: users don't need to understand the computer professional knowledge, can clear all the information on the touch screen computer, tips, instructions, the interface is suitable for the personnel at various levels, various age.
6.Rich touch screen information: information almost unlimited storage capacity, any complex data information, can be included in the multimedia system, and a variety of information, can achieve both audio-visual, changeful display effect is exciting.
7.Touch screen response quickly: system using cutting-edge technology, the large capacity data query, the response speed is also a means to, don't even bother waiting, really achieve "pentium" speed.

The main types of touch screens:
According to the working principle of touch screen and transmission of information media, we put the touch screen is divided into four kinds, respectively is resistive, capacitive sensing type, infrared and surface acoustic wave.