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Name:Scanning platform


With the world's advanced image-taking optical technology, fast and efficient decoding speed has a prominent performance in similar products.
Omnidirectional scanning mode, users can scan without any effort to align the bar code.
It can interpret all standard one-dimensional codes, PD417, Matrix, QR and other two-dimensional codes.
With the world's leading optical auto-induction technology, the scanning is automatically turned on when the object is close to the scanning.
It has the function of automatic detection and can be used as both hand-held and fixed scanning.
USB Driver-Free Interface with bidirectional communication function to support all industry management software
A loud reminder can be easily judged in any noisy environment.


Name:Embedded barcode scanner(GT-3310)


Accurate Red Light Sight
Large View Image Sensor
World-class two-dimensional scanning platform
High-speed, omnidirectional one-dimensional, two-dimensional code image reading
Easy integration - different models and different choices
Bar Code Reading on Computer and Mobile Screen, Supporting OTG Output
Mechanical recognition of OCR characters, fast and simple
Ultra Low Power Consumption
Small size - suitable for various occasions
Built-in TTL RS232 and USB interface


Name:Portable Barcode Scanner(GT-2877)


Small size, easy to carry
Three scanning modes, including continuous scanning mode, manual reading mode and induction scanning mode
Feedback mechanism through LED lamp, buzzer and vibration
Mobile phone fast charging technology, charging time is less than 1 hour, battery can be recharged more than 1000 times
Ultra-long working time, an average of 5 seconds scanning once, full-charge state one-dimensional can work 12 hours, two-dimensional can work 8 hours.
Built-in 16MB memory provides storage mode, which can store more than 200,000 bar code data.
1D or 2D is optional


Name:Handhold barcode scanner(GT-6709)


Hand holding design
USB/Wireless 2.4GHz/blue tooth communication mode
CCD or Laser scanning is option
1D or 2D solution is option
No drive installation needed
Can switch to automatic mode for quick scanning without pressing
One-to-one mode or more-to-one mode is option