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Problems and solving methods in the use of touch products:

Touch computer in addition to more than a set of touch, the rest with the PC machine is not much difference, so when the same fault with the PC machine can be resolved by its solution to the analysis.
1.touch of computer failure can be divided into hardware and non hardware failure.
1-1.common phenomena of hardware failure:
Such as the power on the power source is not bright, the display is not shown, the main board of the alarm and can not be used, the screen prompts error message but can not enter the system.
1-2.common phenomenon of software fault:
If an error message can not be entered into the system, the application software is unable to run.

2.the operation method of fault:
2-1.after the first static analysis: first analyze the problem may be in which, then do the operation
2-2.first, after the first check the computer external power supply, equipment, lines, and then consider the internal machine problems.
2-3.after the first soft hard: first from the software to determine the start, and then from the hardware.

3.the specific operation of the fault: response after the start switch: check the machine external power supply line plug is plugged in, the power adapter is not bad, can be replaced by the test.
3-2.A host hoot: on the number of noise error of judgment, in one machine will mostly be memory caused by the looseness of the alarm.
3-3.unable to enter the operating system, can be reduced by F11 system.
3-4.application software fault:
(A) start the computer and press the F8 button, select the menu item third to enter the Windows security mode, check the fault and restart;
(B) re install the software on the software UNINSTALL and the directory where it is removed.
(C) contact the software vendor.
4.according to the screen prompts error message:
Non hardware failure.
4-1, power outlet, switch a lot of peripheral equipment are independent power supply, when the peripheral fault phenomenon, the first check whether the power supply is normal, power plug / socket is good, power switch is open.
4-2, the connection problem: the peripheral with the computer is connected through the data line, the data line off, contact bad will lead to the abnormal operation of the peripheral such as: the printer, the customer in the computer does not mean that the printer is connected to the machine, should check the cable connection between the equipment is correct.
4-3, set the question: for example: display no display is likely is horizontal adjustment disorder, the width is compressed, or even just the brightness is transferred to the dark... Detailed understanding of the setting of the device, and try to help find some of the problems that originally thought to replace the parts to solve the problem
4-4, the new system characteristics: a lot of "fault" phenomenon is actually a new hardware device or operating system. Such as: with energy-saving machine, in the interval for a period of time without the use of a computer or no program will automatically turn off the display, the power of the hard drive, after you knock on the keyboard will be able to resume normal. If you don't know this feature, you may think of the monitor and hard drive.

Touch the computer users may have some difficulties in the application of touch screen function, when the touch screen after the failure, should first check the control card power supply is normal, Windows driver is normal, and then check whether the Windows is completed under the touch screen calibration, also need to check whether the serial port is normal or not. Below the common fault one one cited.

1.touch screen is not allowed
[trouble]: a five wire resistive touch screen, a finger touch the monitor screen can not be normal to complete the corresponding operation.
Trouble analysis: this phenomenon may be a problem for the resistance screen.
In the following circumstances, the running of the screen calibration program: (open the touch screen software on the desktop)
1) for the first time to complete the installation of the driver.
2) every time the display resolution or display mode is changed.
3) after each change of the display area.
4) after adjusting the frequency of the controller.
5) every time the cursor is not corresponding to the touch point.
After calibration, the calibration data is stored in the controller's register, so no need to be calibrated after each boot system.

2.touch screen no response
[trouble]: one touch screen can not work, no response to any part of the touch.
[fault analysis]: first check the interface interface is loose, and then check whether the serial port and interrupt number is a conflict, if there is conflict, should adjust the resources to avoid conflict. And then check whether the surface of the touch screen is cracked, if there are cracks should be replaced in time.
If the above parts are normal, you can check the touch screen by replacing the control box.
Can carry out as follows:
2-1.check the connection of the touch screen, where a connection to the host keyboard is not connected, please check the connection.
2-2.if the confirmation is not the case, please delete the touch screen driver and restart the computer to restart the driver.
2-3.if the touch screen is used for a longer period of time (3-4) found that some areas of the touch screen can not be touched, it may be a touch screen is broken, please replace the touch screen.

3.touch screen response time is very long
[trouble]: one touch screen, with a finger to touch the monitor screen, the need for a longer time to respond.
[fault analysis]: it is possible that the host has a virus or is caused by system chaos. check if there is a virus, if there is, first kill virus.
3-2.the system is a problem, whether the detection can be adjusted, if not, re loading system. response to the touch screen
[trouble]: one touch screen, a touch of the screen with a finger, no response to the local area.
[fault analysis]:tThis may be the local touch screen were hard to scrape, will not repair.

5.touch screen normal but the computer can not operate
[trouble]: a touch screen, the test of its own normal, but after the host, the computer can not operate.
[fault analysis]: This is likely to be in the host to start loading the touch screen driver, touch screen control card to receive the operation signal, only after the power is cut off, and then start the computer.

6.after the installation of the driver for the first time to start the touch screen no response
[trouble]: a touch screen, the first time to install the driver after the touch screen is no response.
[fault analysis]: first, confirm the touch screen connection is correct, if not correct, should be shut down correctly to connect all the lines. Then check if there is a conflict between the device and the serial port resource, check the hardware and adjust them.

7.touch no response after a period of time.
[trouble]: a touch screen, after the normal use of a period of time after the normal use of no response.
[fault analysis]: check whether the hard drive is set up in the Wlndows 2000 "monitor energy saving settings". Method is the right click on the desktop, select the properties command, and then select the screen saver tab, click the settings button, the parameters are set to be in addition to power program is always open, the rest are" not".

8.touch screen click on precision
[trouble]: a touch screen, its accuracy is reduced, the cursor is difficult to locate.
[fault analysis]: the touch screen calibration procedure. 
8-2.if it is a newly purchased touch screen, please try to delete the driver, and then the power of the host 5 seconds on the power to re install driver.

9.touch screen can not be calibrated
[fault analysis]: 
9-1.there may be a touch screen control card to receive the operation signal before the host starts the loading of the touch screen driver. may be a touch screen driver with an exception. (delete the program from the control panel).

10.the mouse has been stuck at one point.
[fault analysis]: this is because the resistance screen touch area (resistive screen surface is divided into a touch area and non touch region, click on the non touch area is not what reaction) are display shell or shell of the cabinet presses the, quite a point by touch. If the shell of the cabinet presses the touch region you can increase the distance between the cabinet and the display screen is only a little, if it is the shell of the display presses the touch region you can try to display shell of the screw loose a try.

11.touch screen work is not stable
[trouble]: a touch screen, its work is very unstable, sometimes can be normal click, sometimes no response.
[fault analysis]: in view of this phenomenon, we should focus on the examination of the connection interface is loose, serial port and interrupt number is a conflict.

12.screen becomes dark
[trouble]: a touch screen, the screen becomes dark, the color is not normal, but the operation is no problem.
[fault analysis]: the reason may be because in 2000 operating system color mode is not set correctly, or because touch screen mounting screw tight lead screen removing bad, in it120 if you insert a PS2 port of the mouse or the keyboard may also will appear the screen dimmed not display the phenomenon of normal color.
Processing method: the system desktop, click the right mouse button, select properties, enter the setting - up window, select the plus S3Gamma tab, and then adjust the color. open the cabinet, loosen the screws to see if the release of the normal color, adjust the tightness.
12-3.ps2 mouse or keyboard for the USB interface of the mouse keyboard.

13.touch screen is not shown.
[trouble]: a touch screen, the boot is normal, but the touch screen is not shown.
[fault analysis]:this phenomenon may be because the screen is not connected well, if it is a machine, may be the connection of the touch screen loose or bad, you can re check the connection of the screen has been fully connected, if it has been a good screen or not show that the screen is faulty.

14.when the alarm appears.
[trouble]: when the machine alarm, the machine can not normally start.
[fault analysis]:the case may be because of memory or graphics card is not plugged in or bad, but most of the situation is not good memory plug in this case, can be re inserted into the memory test, can be replaced with the test memory and graphics cards, and finally come to the problem, and then replace.

15.screen appear flower screen
[trouble]: the screen appears after the boot screen, the machine can be used normally.
[fault analysis processing]: this situation may be due to the screen with the main board between the plug line is not strong, you can check whether the plug line is solid, insert is correct, if there is a problem can be returned to the factory maintenance