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Catering&hotel industry is a highly efficient service industry, the application and popularity of touch-screen devices to meet the needs of many catering hotel industry investors for fast and efficient service, whether booking, checkout, cashier, and many other aspects to allow waiter to quickly and efficiently provide services to consumers.


For large restaurants, touch screen can bring them greater business efficiency, waiter don't need not walk tens meters or even 100 meters to booking or checkout, the boss of the hotel and catering industry can save a lot of investment.


Goodtouch company bring out the GT151-P03-R just to meet the needs of many catering&hotel industry investors, the product appearance is simple,generous; out-shell using aluminum and metal design, strong and durable; the use of industrial motherboard, to meet the long use. In terms of investment, which is currently the world's most cost-effective products, and has been favored by customers all over the world.


For some of the Catering boss, they hope the interface is large, can show more dishes pictures, to improve the speed of booking. Goodtouch company bring out the 17 inch Touch screen computer (model: GT170-A01-R) and 19 inch touch screen computer (model: GT190-A01-R) to meet the needs of the owners.

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