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With the acceleration of the process of education information, electronic whiteboard and related solutions, gradually being more education and training institutions recognized and accepted. Electronic white board not only can be written as the traditional blackboard writing, with a variety of custom whiteboard software has a very convenient interactive. The teacher can write directly on the electronic whiteboard with fingers, and can be effective in teaching and learning. Interactive multimedia system, brings the infinite pleasure. To meet the quality of daily teaching, to bring the boring teaching content of fresh sensory stimulation. With the continuous improvement of teaching information at the same time, entertaining.

Goodtouch's the large size of the touch screen and touch screen, the use of high reliability and more infrared touch screen, can meet the requirements of interactive teaching equipment. Accurate positioning, strong adaptability, can be used in different areas of the equipment.

Interactive education equipment not only can make the teacher better arrangement of the curriculum and training, and can carry out distance education, and at the same time for thousands of people. This saves manpower and resource costs. Touch education equipment is an ideal interactive education solution.

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