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For many years, Goodtouch sales many stable touch screen and touch display products the world's gaming / entertainment equipment manufacturers. Touch screen instead of the traditional keys, the game players can more focus on the game, make the game more exciting experience.

Goodtouch's open-frame touch screen monitor, with a high quality LCD panel, select the combination of wide viewing angle, high contrast and clarity of pure glass surface structure. Is widely used in games, entertainment equipment, including Intellectual Game, Multi-people Game, VOD machine, Horse Racing, and other touch interactive games etc.

Traditional game machine repair and maintenance is very time consuming and expensive. Guangzhou easy to touch to provide the surface acoustic wave screen lasting, durable, maintenance free, extremely suitable to cope with the harsh environment, its dust, waterproof technology to ensure the sealing performance of products, greatly reducing product costs and long-term maintenance costs. The pure glass explosion-proof screen will also ensure the scratch resistance, but also to protect the safety of users.

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